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As you scale up the ladder of success, luxury becomes an indispensable part of living. The question is, does your home live up to your status? Does it give you taste of success? Is it worthy of you? What should your address be like? Your address should make a statement without uttering a single word. Voyage to the Stars is the marvel you’ve been waiting for. More than 200 feet high in the sky, this residential lifestyle project will take you where you truly deserve to be, among the stars. Designed by reputed architects, the distinctive feature that sets it apart from ordinary homes is that it is built with the latest & globally accepted engineering techniques, taking a quantum leap in India’s home building industry.

World Class Apartments (Phase 1)
Sq.Ft. Terrace Deck
Sq.Mt. Forest Area
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Tower FLOOR plans


Glass Curtain Wall

Dry Walls Construction

Suspended Plumbing

Home Automation

Fully Furnished Kitchen (All White Goods)

Centralized Exhaust System


Proximity Card Reader

CCTV Monitor

Pre Wired DTH/Data/Telecom



Slab Height

Shower Cubicles

Imported Doors

Club House

Solar Electricity

Waiting Lounge


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KIPA Architects

How does one integrate function, form, luxury, comfort and a sense of belonging within concrete, steel and glass? It is by designing a structure that integrates nature, technology, experience and sensitivity, and creates spaces that allow the people who will live there to pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations in a high tech and luxurious environment. Throughout my years as an architect, both here and in the United States, I have strived to create designs that are site-specific and act as a fulfilment of the client’s needs. “Creating architecture involves art and beauty, science and engineering, values and beliefs, shared expertise and team-work. Yet, it evolves from a germ of an individual thought, an idea. The concept is an outcome of my years of experience, sensitivity to spaces, and understanding the priority between form and function. The inspiration for the project’s name “Voyage to the Stars” is a manifestation of the design concept.
It is about the journey of the residents, a voyage to succeed, touch the stars, realize one’s dreams, and accomplish one’s aspirations.” Every project has only one best solution, the one that defines values that are priceless!

KIPA Architects

Drywall technology

It has been a privilege for RONDO to partner with Acropoilis since 2015, to provide state of the art Drywall Technology (Partitions and ceilings) for this project. Acropolis is a company that cares passionately about performing as a team with each vendor partner to produce excellence for their customer. The openness Acropolis had exhibit throughout the design stage created a throughly collaborative environment to arrive at the most appropriate drywall solution, which is truly in the best interest of you. On thing about working with Acropolis that will stand out, is the way they tirelessly pursue the vision to build the best for the customer. With great attention to details, they are careful to ensure every element lives up to the highest standards for this VTTS project.
From conception to execution, Acropolis will go above and beyond for you. As we partnert with Acropolis, it is our objective to exceed the limits – such as quality, just in time deliveries and budget, that were set for this project. When you will start experiencing our product at VTTS, your will realise the Rando Brand which emphasis “Building on a reputation for excellence with our customers by pursuing market leadership in everything we do”. While saying so, we are now experiencing a great partnership with Acropolis who is the best and cannot be paralleled with others in this class.

Shaik Dawood A

Country Manager

Curtain Wall

The external envelope is a Bespoke Engineered Unitised Curtain Wall with integrated Sliding Doors and Glass Railings, performance tested in accordance with ASTM Standards in a NABL accredited Winwall Technologies for Structural & Seismic Performance, Air& Water infiltration. The unique facade with judicious use of Heat Treated reflective Glass from St Gobain and extensive use of Fr grade Zinc Composite Panels have contributed significantly in achieving the IGBC platinum rating for the building. All elements are sourced from world renowned manufacturers such as Halfen, St Gobain, Gulf Extrusions, Bhorukha Aluminium, VM Zinc, Kinlong and others. The well detailed facade ensures aesthetic interfaces, Acoustic and Fire Seals with equal emphasis on aesthetics and performance.

Gayatri Kapur

Alupro Building Systems P Ltd

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